Although I was born in Florence in 1885, to belong to a gondolier, it was not until the end of the 20th century that I fell in love, in a historic town in southeastern Spain, with a young designer. And I would have to wait until the 21st century to be with him. I followed him for years uncomfortably installed in the heads of others and watching him from the eyes of others. A little higher, in fact, because I'm a hat, not a pair of glasses or a mask. I look from where the felines look and as they, with stealth, I let fall on the head of my many owners the idea of ​​traveling where he traveled. So I followed him through alternative workshops in the ninety Madrid and Barcelona, ​​by the inspiring house clubs of Los Angeles. And I forced my owner to travel to Colombia to see him work in bustling fashion studios at the beginning of this century. He always had a smile for me, a compliment, "nice hat", he said, or "the canotier has always been my favorite". And you mine, I thought, you would be my favorite owner.

But it was not until 2016 that I could be his, that he found me, attracted by my thought I want to believe, or by my appearance, life has not treated me so badly and I am made of noble materials, in an old antique shop in Seville, where my last owner got rid of me.

Today I am his and I see things from where he sees them. Well, a little higher always. And from his comfortable skull I drop ideas of new canotiers, or Fedoras, Akubras, bowlers ... and he, with intelligent hands, gives them shape and shows them to me and I lightly squeeze my soft band to thank him and never fall down he.

The Canotier of Victoriano.

Victoriano Simon
Gran Via Corts Catalanes 549 Pral 1ª
08011 Barcelona
+34 932 50 80 13

Victoriano Simon

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